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Handmade circa 1850 French oak plinth with Art Deco cast iron hooks (SH0345)

SH0345 (104cm) Now offered for sale at The Gallery, Stourhead. Please contact Steve Gamblin at to check availability.
£130.00 (GBP)

Handmade antique oak key board (SH0350)

SH0350 (45cm x 44cm)
£103.00 (GBP)
£93.00 (GBP)

Weathed English oak plinth with vintage wire school hooks (SH0360)

SH0360 (101cm) Now offered for sale at The Gallery, Stourhead. To check availability, please email Steve Gamblin at
£130.00 (GBP)

Handmade early 1700s English oak plinth with Georgian-era design hooks (SH0362)

SH0362 (122cm) Now offered for sale at The Gallery, Stourhead. To check availability, please email Steve Gamblin at
£165.00 (GBP)

Handmade oak plinth with very old iron hooks (SH0192)

SH0192 (53.5cm)
£45.00 (GBP)
£35.00 (GBP)

Handmade reclaimed oak peg board for keys (SH0237)

£89.00 (GBP)
£69.00 (GBP)

Handmade English oak shaker-style hat & coat rack (SH0214)

SH0214 (87cm)
£69.00 (GBP)
£49.00 (GBP)

SOLD - "Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail." A. & A.G. Wilts (SH0310)

Classic Victorian-era design, chrome-plated cast iron hooks on French kiln-dried oak plinth (SH0310)
£184.20 (GBP)

SOLD - "The rack is beautiful. Thank you so much." I.M. London

Rare English walnut plinth with cast iron acorn-tip hat & coat hooks (SH0331)
£393.00 (GBP)

SOLD - "It looks amazing - exactly what I had in mind. Can't wait to hang it - it's going to look fabulous!" P.E. Surrey (SH0352)

Cast iron, Victorian-era design, swan-neck hooks on vintage, weathered English oak(SH0352)
£121.33 (GBP)

SOLD - "The key board has arrived and I’m delighted with it!" S.W. Surrey (SH0330)

Kiln-dried French oak key board with wrought iron hooks (SOLD)
£285.00 (GBP)

SOLD - "Its absolutely perfect - I love it!! Thank you so much." P.E. Surrey (SH0354)

300-year-old English oak plinth with wrought iron 'meat hooks'(SOLD)
£111.00 (GBP)

SOLD - "Just to say, the rack is absolutely beautiful, we love it. We’re thrilled with it." G.T. Gloucestershire (Ref. SH0309)

Handmade, kiln-dried recycled ash plinth with cast iron acorn hooks (Ref. SH0309)
£164.00 (GBP)

SOLD - "Thank you so much for our GORGEOUS coat rack. It's amazing!" George & Lee, East Sussex (Ref. SH0227)

Traditional cast iron hooks on vintage pine plinth (Ref. SH0227)
£120.00 (GBP)

SOLD - "[The coat rack] is amazing, exactly what we wanted. Thank you very much for your great service." C.A. Chichister, West Sussex (Ref. SH0270)

Traditional cast iron Kenrick hooks on 1850s French church oak plinth (Ref. SH0270)
£107.50 (GBP)

SOLD - "We are absolutely delighted with the coat rack." C.A. Somerset (Ref. SH0281)

Cast iron acorn-tip hooks on Victorian pine plinth(Ref. SH0281)
£115.00 (GBP)