Oak Peg Board

French oak board with 14 pegs for keys.


Wood French vintage oak and French antique oak
Wood dimensions Width: 42cm. Height: 28cm. Thickness: 1.3cm
Number of hooks 14
Hook type Hand-carved oak pegs
Hook size Height: 4.3cm. Space between pegs: 8.5cm. Space between rows: 7.5cm
Fixing 2 fixing screws and Rawlplugs provided

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All measurements are approximate


Say goodbye to misplaced keys forever:This beautifully simple peg board for keys is made from two different types of reclaimed French oak. The back board is a cupboard back that survived a fire in a French bakery in the small town of Void in the region of La Meuse, France, in 2002 and is around 70 years old. The pegs are 120-year-old oak from a French four-poster bed that was restored. Deeply smoke blackened, the back board has been rubbed back to bare wood, revealing a lovely hard, pale wood with interesting markings and a gorgeous grain.

Each of the pegs was individually hand carved, a painstaking and time-consuming task that of course included making sure that each peg fitted its allotted hole perfectly - not too loose and not too tight - before gluing and hammering home. Notice that each peg has a grooved head to prevent bunches of keys from slipping off. The piece has been polished with Fiddes & Sons Forest Brown Supreme Wax Polish.