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SOLD - "I must say it is a really nice quality piece of work. Thank you again". K & S W London (SH0224)



Wood Kiln-dried recycled English oak
Wood dimensions Length: 60cm. Width: 13.5cm. Thickness: 2.7cm
Number of hooks 4
Hook type Kenrick-design cast iron hat & coat hooks
Hook size Height: 13cm. Stands out from plinth: 9cm. Spacing: 13cm
Fixing 4 fixing screws and Rawlplugs provided


This unique hat & coat rack is made from an exceptionally beautiful piece of recycled, kiln-dried English oak. Hard and heavy, the plinth features several small decorative knots. Cut to an original shape, the edge is set off with a traditional cut from an ogee cutter using a hand-held router. The gorgeous pale honey colour was produced with Briwax's Medium Brown beeswax, which stains and polishes in one go. This is easily maintained by buffing and/or further waxing, if desired.

The Kenrick hat & coat hooks are a very elegant, traditional design made from cast iron. Secured with four fixing screws each, they are coated with clear Briwax to protect the metal and to enhance the look of the raw iron.

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