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SOLD - Handmade reclaimed oak peg board for keys (SH0237)



Wood Vintage and antique French oak
Wood dimensions Width: 37cm. Height: 53.5cm.
Number of pegs 14
Hook type Hand-carved oak pegs
Peg size 5.2cm x 1.1cm x 1.1cm. Space between pegs: 5.5cm. Space between rows: 9.5cm
Fixing 2 flush-fitted back-plates. 2 fixing screws and Rawlplugs provided

For Fitting & Care Instructions please click on the tab in the left column

All measurements are approximate


Say goodbye to misplaced keys forever: This beautiful peg board for keys is made from reclaimed French oak. The main back board is a cupboard end-panel that survived a fire in a bakery in the small town of Void in the region of La Meuse in 2002. It is probably around 90 years old. Deeply smoke blackened, the frame has been rubbed back to bare wood, revealing a lovely pale wood with interesting markings and a gorgeous grain. The inner smoke-blackened section has been cleaned with white spirit. The pegs are made from wood salvaged from a French four-poster bed that was restored. The floral carving was taken from the same bed, which was around 120-years-old.

Each peg was painstakingly hand carved to achieve a perfect fit in its allotted hole. The notched heads are to prevent bunches of keys from slipping off. The entire peg board, including the pegs, has been finished with Liberon Finishing Oil, over-coated with Clear Briwax beeswax polish.   

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Old price: £89.00 (GBP)
Price: £69.00 (GBP)