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SOLD - "I have to say [the rack] is above my expectations and the texture and look of the wood is amazing." I.B. Northants (SH0316)



Wood Antique circa 300-year-old English oak
Wood dimensions Length: 120cm. Width: 15cm. Thickness: 2.5cm
Number of hooks 6
Hook type Cast iron Kenrick hat & coat hooks
Hook size Height: 15cm. Stands out from plinth: 9.5cm. Spacing: 19cm
Fixing 4 fixing screws and Rawlplugs provided

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All measurements are approximate


This is another coat rack made from the same batch of oak flooring removed from a 17th century stone cottage in Wiltshire (Also see SH0302 & SH0303). Literally around 300-years old, the wood is dark, even through the cross-cut, and produces telltale dark brown saw dust, confirming its age. All the original nail holes, worm damage, and knot holes have been left for aesthetic effect and although the surface of the wood is uneven and grainy, it is as smooth as skin to the touch. The plinth is given depth by a large round-over cut to the perimetre with a hand-held router. The trefoils were painstakingly marked out, drilled, and routed with a small round-over cutter, giving the rack a distinct Gothic-church look. The rich gloss antique finish was produced with Rustic Pine Briwax. This may dull down over time but is quickly revived by buffing, if desired.

Mounted on the plinth is a classic English hat & coat hook in an original design by Archibald Kenrick (1760-1835). They are coated with wax to protect the metal and to heighten the look of the raw iron.

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