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Handmade recycled Victorian antique pine with cast iron hooks (SH0338)



Wood Victorian antique pine
Wood dimensions Length: 91.5cm. Width: 12cm. Thickness: 2.2cm
Number of hooks 5
Hook type Victorian-era design, antique-finish cast iron hat & coat hooks
Hook size Height: 12.5cm. Stands out from plinth: 7.5cm. Spacing: 18cm
Fixing 4 fixing screws and Rawlplugs provided

For Fitting & Care Instructions please click on the tab in the left column

All measurements are approximate 


This coat rack is made from the antique pine kitchen table that resided in our family home for over 60 years. Victorian when bought, the top was sacrilegiously topped with formica in the 1960s, hiding what is now highly sort after antique wood. Hours and hours of sanding went into producing all the dips and indentations, which are exaggerated workings to imperfections in the wood. As smooth as skin to the touch, the brilliant gloss finish was produced with Briwax Rustic Pine beeswax. This will lose its sheen over time but can easily be brought back with beeswax polish, if preferred. 

The antique-look hat & coat hooks are a Victorian-era design made from hand-finished cast iron. They are coated with Clear Briwax beeswax to protect the metal and to enhance the look of the raw iron.

 (This is 4 of 5, possibly 6 sections of this rare and beautiful wood, which can be shaped to your instructions and fitted with the hooks of your choice. For a quotation contact me - Steve Gamblin - at