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Handmade antique oak key board (SH0350)



Wood Backboard: Circa 1850 French oak. Frame: Circa 1930s English oak 
Wood dimensions Width: 45cm. Height: 44cm. Thickness: 4cm (at centre point)
Number of hooks 6
Hook type Blacksmith hand-forged steel Fleur de Lis hooks
Hook size Height: 8.5cm. Protrudes from plinth: 3cm. Spacing: 12-21cm
Fixing  2 fixing screws and Rawlplugs provided

For Fitting & Care Instructions please click on the tab in the left column

All measurements are approximate


This substantial keyboard offers a unique solution for keys that's both elegant and original. Look carefully and you'll see that the centre panel is actually a flattened-out, four-sided pyramid that was originally part of a wall panel below a staircase in an old French house. Circa 1850 French oak, and fully 4cm thick at the centre, the wood still shows traces of original paint. To enhance the board, I've framed it with what was originally an extremely hard and heavy section of banister handrail - ripped into two along its length - made from a gorgeous piece of circa 1930s English oak. The result is an extremely heavy, solid piece of furniture that will look equally striking on a modern or tradiational wall. The rich antique finish was produced with Rustic Pine Briwax, which polishes and stains in one go.

The lovely Fleur de Lis hooks are made of steel, each one slightly different to the next, as you'd expect when hand forged by a blacksmith. The rich dark sheen was produced with Clear Briwax beeswax polish. (The Key Board attaches to the wall by means of two brass brackets countersunk into in the back).



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Old price: £103.00 (GBP)
Price: £93.00 (GBP)