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SOLD - "To say we're impressed with the hooks would be a massive understatement. It's beautiful. Fantastic job." K & K Surrey (SH0353)



Wood Circa 1850 French oak
Wood dimensions Length: 103. Width: 14.5cm. Thickness: 2.4m
Number of hooks 6
Hook type Cast iron antique-style, 'kissing curl' hat & coat hooks
Hook size Height: 13. Stands out from plinth: 9m. Spacing: 16.5
Fixing  4 fixing screws and Rawlplugs provided

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All measurements are approximate


Many hours of work went into the creation of this Gothic-look coat rack. Painstakingly produced from a section of circa 1850 French oak, the plinth features striking quatrefoil and trefoil cut-outs. Originally part of an antique wardrobe that was restored, the wood is hard and heavy with a patina of nicks and scars, even the odd embedded nail, from its former life. Adding depth to the the perimetre and each of the Gothic cut-outs is a round-over cut from a hand-held router. The brilliant gloss, antique finish was produced with Rustic Pine Briwax, which may dull down over time but is easily revived with further applications of the same wax, or clear beeswax polish.  

Mounted on the plinth is an antique-look 'kissing curl' hat & coat hook made of cast iron. These are coated with Clear Briwax beeswax polish to protect the metal and to enhance the look of the raw iron.

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