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Handmade 300-year-old English oak plinth with cast iron, ball-end hooks (SH0374)



Wood 300-year-old English oak
Wood dimensions Length: 102cm. Width: 17cm. Thickness: 2.7cm
Number of hooks 7
Hook type Cast iron, ball-end hat & coat hooks
Hook size Height: 12.5cm. Stands out from plinth: 4.5cm. Spacing: 14cm
Fixing 4 fixing screws and Rawlplugs provided

For Fitting & Care Instructions please click on the tab in the left column

All measurements are approximate


Uniquely, the design of this coat rack was shamelessly pinched from the headboard of a bed that appeared in a scene from a very old, classic John Wayne western. (Revealing a lot about my film-viewing habits here). Utterly unique for a coat rack, many hours went into reproducing the shape and cutting it out freehand with a hand-held jigsaw. The lovely edging was produced with a large round-over cutter using a hand-held router. The wood itself was taken from a truly gnarled and ancient section of English oak floorbaord that was removed from a grange building in Mere, Wilts. Conservatively it dates to around 1700. To seal the rough grain, which is actually smooth to touch, I've coated the plinth with Fiddes Oak Lightening Hard Wax Oil. Formulated for both furniture and floors, it is extremely hard-wearing and also repels water, which is good for wet clothing.

Perfect for the antique wood and design is a ball-end hat & coat hook made from cast iron. These are factory-dipped in wax to protect the metal and to give the raw iron a lovely glossy sheen. Perfection.