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Hooked on Hooks makes coat racks, key cabinets, key boards, shelf units etc, from both new and reclaimed wood. New, kiln-dried French oak, for example, is a perfect material. Heavy and hard, the wood is stable and with its subtle and distinctive grain looks beautiful. Stripped back to bare wood, vintage and antique furniture often reveals wood with interesting knots and gorgeous grains that is ideal for racks of hooks. Another excellent source is found with vintage and antique pine and elm floorboards, which are straight and strong and with their different scars and other markings, possibly even old nail holes, make unique and characterful items. Other wood is procured as a when it becomes available. Excellent beech and oak has been sourced from the National Trust's Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire, for instance, after trees were brought down in storms. Another very fortunate source of unique and beautiful wood comes from the workshop of personal friend, Master Wood Carver & Stone Sculptor, Francois Derobe, France. Restoration work in a church, for example, has resulted in exquisitely beautiful quantities of 300-year-old French oak. Constant sourcing from different places is ongoing.



Hooks come from many different sources, including blacksmiths and foundries in Ireland, Bedfordshire, Kent and Devon. Many hooks are hand cast or hand forged. Genuine Victorian, Art Nouveaux, Edwardian and other antique and ‘vintage’ hooks are used when available.