SOLD: Handmade American cherry Coat Rack

SOLD: Handmade, kiln-dried American cherry Hat & Coat Rack (SH0351)

This classically elegant hat & coat rack is made from a beautiful piece of kiln-dried American cherry wood. Native only to North America, it is a moderately hard hardwood that lends itself to everything from carving to furniture, and of course coat racks. Comparatively rare, simply because it is not over-harvested, its soft warm tones make it highly desirable. I've finished this particular rack with Medium Brown Briwax beeswax polish, which stains and polishes in one go and helps to emphasize the natural colour and grain of the wood. Briwax is easily maintained by buffing, and/or beeswax polish, if desired.

The hooks are the most classical of all hooks, the Georgian-era design acorn-tip hat & coat hook, made in cast iron. These are coated with Clear Briwax beeswax polish to protect the metal and to enhance the look of the raw iron. (NOTE: To maintain the clean aesthetic lines of this coat rack, the fixing holes are hidden beneath the two end hooks). 


Plinth: Length: 85cm. Width: 12.5cm.

Hooks: Height: 12.5cm. Protrudes: 8cm. Spacing: 16.5cm

Fixing screws and rawlplugs provided

Fixing method: 2 direct screws beneath end hooks

Stock ref: SH0351