Handmade parana pine Coat Rack

Handmade reclaimed Parana pine Hat & Coat Rack (SH0340)

Everything about this coat rack is original and different. First of all, the plinth is one solid, completely stable section of wood that cannot separate into two sections, even if you wanted it to. Second, the wood itself is reclaimed Parana pine, which despite the name is actually a hardwood. Also known as Brazilian pine, sadly it is now on the dreaded 'critically endangered' list. Native to Brazil (obviously), Paraguay and Argentina, it has simply been hunted to virtual extinction.  And since it is such a rare wood, I thought I'd come up with a design that is truly original and unique. You simply won't find another coat rack out there with a 'split wood' plinth, where the hooks appear to hold the two sections together. Trust me, they don't! With it's lovely soft honey colour and straight grain, Parana pine is ideal for furniture and staircases and perfect for a coat rack. Finished with Rustic Pine Briwax, which polishes and stains in one go, this is easy to maintain, simply by buffing and/or beeswax polish.

The scroll-end hat & coat hooks are a lovely tradictional design made in cast iron. They are finished with Clear Briwax beeswax polish to protect the metal and to enhance the look of the raw iron. (NOTE: To maintain the clean aesthetic lines of this coat rack, the fixing holes are hidden beneath the two end hooks).


Plinth: Length: 84cm. Width: 13cm.

Hooks: Height: 10cm. Protrudes: 8cm. Spacing: 13.5cm

Fixing screws and rawlplugs provided

Fixing method: 2 direct screws beneath end hooks

Stock ref: SH0340