Handmade antique oak Hat & Coat Rack

Handmade Hat & Coat Rack made from 300-year-old French oak (SH0322)

This quirky little hat & coat rack is made from a section of 300-year-old French oak, salvaged from wall panelling in a church in France. The rippled surface of the plinth was the result of 'thinning' the wood by hand with a scraping tool. The split-ring, rolling-wave edge was cut with a hand-held jigsaw and then given a cove cut with a hand-held router. The dark stain finish is original, brought to life with Clear Briwax beeswax polish.

Mounted on the plinth is a traditional Edwardian-era design hook made of solid brass. The brass may lose its polish over time - depending on how frequently the rack is used - but can easily be revived with a brass cleaning agent, if desired.    


Plinth: Length: 40.5cm. Width: 14cm.

Hooks: Height: 14cm. Protrudes: 9cm. Spacing: 21.5cm

Fixing screws and rawlplugs provided

Fixing method: 2 direct screws

Stock ref: SH0322