SOLD - Handmade antique oak Coat Rack

SOLD - Handmade, Gothic-look Hat & Coat Rack made from 300-year-old English oak (SH0335)

The wood used for this coat rack is a section of English oak floorboard salvaged from an old grange building in Mere, Wiltshire. Gnarled and dark with age right through the cross-section, it is conservatively 300 years old. The arrow-head corner cut-outs took forever to do but help to create a unique Gothic-look. The plinth has been thoroughly cleaned with white spirit before finishing with Rustic Pine Briwax, producing a lovely rich antique sheen. 

Mounted on the plinth are big and bold Gothic-look pegs made of wrought iron. These are immensely strong and will hang virtually anything you throw at them, although all coat racks are only as strong as their fixing screws. (NOTE: To maintain the clean aesthetic lines of this coat rack, the fixing holes are hidden beneath the two end hooks).


Plinth: Length: 58cm. Width: 21.5cm.

Hooks: Height: 15cm. Protrudes: 10cm. Spacing: 19cm

Fixing screws and rawlplugs provided

Fixing method: 2 direct screws beneath the pegs

Stock ref: SH0335