Handmade antique pine Hat & Coat Rack

Handmade Victorian antique pine Hat & Coat Rack (SH0344)

This is another coat rack made from a section of the Victorian antique pine table that once inhabited the kitchen of our family home. Purchased some sixty years ago, when already quite old, it was sacrilegiously topped with Formica in the 1960s (In the rush to be modern, people did things like that in the sixties). Finally replaced with another, bigger Victorian pine table in recent years, I couldn't resist removing that well-worn Formica to see what lay hidden beneath. Bingo! Beautiful Victorian pine. Keeping it simple, I've given the plinth corner cut-out pips and finished the edge with an ogee cut using a hand-held router. The beautiful grain is shown off to best effect with Rustic Pine Briwax beeswax polish, which polishes and stains in one go. This dulls down a little over time but if you want to revive it, buffing usually works and/or beeswax polish.

Mounted on the rack is a Victorian-era design swan-neck hat & coat hook made from cast iron. These are coated with Clear Briwax polish to protect the metal and to enhance the look of the raw iron.


Plinth: Length: 75.5cm. Width: 12cm.

Hooks: Height: 11.5cm. Protrudes: 9cm. Spacing: 18.5cm

Fixing screws and rawlplugs provided

Fixing method: 4 direct screws

Stock ref: SH0344