Fitting Instructions

Before starting work, please read these instructions from start to finish

These instructions are a guide only and are intended for someone with a reasonable knowledge of DIY. There is more than one way to hang a coat rack, but the method described below helps to avoid the most common and troublesome mistake – drilling your screw holes in the wrong position.

If you are not completely confident in your skills or do not have the right tools, please employ a competent friend or professional to do the job for you. Most small racks can be hung singlehanded (ie up to about 50cm). Larger racks may need a second pair of hands.

Supplied with your rack

Screws & Rawlplugs

Tools required

- Power drill with ‘hammer action’ for drilling masonry

- Size 7 masonry drill bit (Size 10 masonry drill bit if Rawlplugs are grey)

- Spirit level

- Medium-size hammer

- Large nail [4- or 6-inch] or similar marking tool. eg hand-held masonry punch

- Large slotted screwdriver

-Eye protectors & ear protectors

Step 1 – Decide where to hang your rack (NOTE: Do not hang your rack directly over a radiator or close to any direct heat source as this may cause the wood to dry out, possibly resulting in warping or splitting)

Step 2 – Hold rack in position and pass nail or other marking tool through the top right fixing hole. Gently tap with hammer to mark 1st screw position

Step 3 – Set rack aside and drill first hole – tap in Rawlplug. (NOTE: Never attempt to drill into masonry through the ready-drilled fixing holes in your rack. This will cause serious damage to the wood)

Step 4 – Hang rack by this 1st screw. Do not drive screw fully home - leave head protruding about 4mm (TIP: To prevent scratching/damaging black screw heads, add little tabs of masking tape to tip of screwdriver). 

Step 5 – Set position of rack with spirit level. Mark remaining holes with marking tool, as before

Step 6Remove rack from wall, drill remaining holes, insert plugs

Step 7 – Carefully drive all screws home               

Step 8 – Stand back and admire!