Handmade American cherry Coat Rack

Handmade, kiln-dried American cherry Hat & Coat Rack (SH0323)

This beautiful hat & coat rack is made from a lovely section of kiln-dried American cherry. Native only to North America, cherry is a hardwood with straight grains and warm tones making it much sort after for many applications including furniture, And of course coat racks. The simplicity of the round-hole cut-outs and plain cut edge of the plinth give this a modernist look that would sit well in any moden home. Unusually, I've filled any imperfections in the wood with gilder's paste, which compliments the streaky grain and creates a completely unique, one-off look. The soft, velvety finish was achieved with Fiddes Oak Lightening Hard Wax Oil, which is extremely tough and resists water splashes, obvously from wet clothing.

Combining traditional with modern, the Kenrick hat & coat hooks are a classical English design made of cast iron. These are factory-dipped in extremely hard-wearing clear wax to maintain the finish and to heighten the look of the raw iron. (NOTE: To maintain the clean aesthetic lines of this coat rack, the fixing holes are hidden beneath the two end hooks). 


Plinth: Length: 113cm. Width: 11.5cm.

Hooks: Height: 14cm. Protrudes: 9.5cm. Spacing: 18.5cm

Fixing screws and rawlplugs provided

Fixing method: 2 direct screws beneath end hooks

Stock ref: SH0323