Handmade antique English oak Coat Rack

Handmade, antique English oak Hat & Coat Rack (SH0374)

Ideas have got to come from somewhere and this one came from John Wayne. A John Wayne western, to be more precise, in which a bed in an otherwise non-descript scene featured a headboard with this unusaul and interesting shape. Mmmm....Coat rack plinth, thinks me....To do it justice, I've used a section of English oak floorboard removed from - all right, ripped out of - an old grange building in Mere. Conservatively 300 years old - yes, early 1700s - the wood is incredibly hard, gnarled and almost black with age, all the way through the cross-section. To emphasize the look, I've finished it in extremely hard-wearing Fiddes Oak Lighten Hard Wax Oil, which is designed for floors as well as furniture and will probably see the rack out for another 300 years.

The gorgeous little ball-end hooks with their unusual oval back-plates are made of cast iron. These are finished with Clear Briwax beeswax polish to protect the metal and to heighten the look of the raw iron. Like many Hooked on Hooks' coat racks, you won't find another one like this.  


Plinth: Length: 102cm. Width: 17cm.

Hooks: Height: 12.5cm. Protrudes: 4.5cm. Spacing: 14cm

Fixing screws and rawlplugs provided

Fixing method: 4 direct screws

Stock ref: SH0374